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Custom trail running shoes produced by you.

Alvar_trail want to give you the runner the power to make your own shoes. Tailored to fit your unique foot, with the amount of cushioning that you desire and in the material of your choice. At the same time we hope to spark local environmentally friendly production of running shoes.

The Kickstarter deliveries are now in full swing. After all Kickstarter deliveries are shipped Alvar_trail will open its doors and start providing a locally produced alternative, slightly more sustainable alternative for running shoes, wherever you might live. I´m really exited about the journey ahead.

This is not a brand it´s a trail running shoe.

Well... ofcource there´s a brand, there´s always a brand. But we will not have full controll over the outcome and we will not try to steemline production. In fact we hope that local variations and creative initatives to develop the concept further will be part of the brand. And you will not have to pay for our branding costs. Because we´re not gonna try to create a coherent story.

Produced by you.

Producing something on your own is a great experience. It´s not that hard and you may have some fun while doing it. If you like the experience and start to get a hang of it you can also start helping your friends and people in your neighborhood make their shoes. We hope that this will spark local creativity and that in time there will be a variety of local variations based on our patterns.